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Our services revolve around these three pillars.
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We have vast experience in entertainment, musical and theatrical production as well as operations management.  Let us help you with the following:

Budgeting, Financial and Project Management
  • Transparent accounting, efficient processes and strong partnerships work together to create successful events and experiences at great value. We charge a nominal project management fee and do not put a margin on any of our partners.  Total transparency and no surprises.
Theme Development and Creative Integration
  • Content-driven creative rules the day, and always has. Connecting the brand, culture or main messaging with every element increases engagement and retention.  The theme must be relevant and relatable in addition to being impactful visually.  Theme design is woven throughout the event, and designed with print, online applications and other media in mind.  Crafting the perfect show flow using exciting first impressions, dramatic opening videos, creative punctuation, rejuvenating wellness breaks, small group learning, mindful interactive elements, networking opportunities, awards ceremonies and gala celebrations – all connected back to the core content – is critical.  We bring it all together to preface and enhance the story you will tell onstage.

“Creativity is just connecting things.”  Steve Jobs

Presentation Support
  • There are many types of presentation support available. Whether you need assistance writing a script from the blank page, or editing an existing or drafted presentation, we can collaborate at all levels.  Speaker support visuals (power point, keynote, prezi), audience polling, teleprompter, notes, and speech coaching are all available for speaker comfort.  We also recommend an offline rehearsal room onsite where speakers can refine their visuals with the help of one of our experts.  Our onsite operators are creative, experienced, professional, accurate and fast.
Digital Media Production

Your audience is exposed to multi-million dollar media every day.  They are savvy and don’t care that you don’t have 1/2000th of that budget.  The stakes are high, and so are expectations.  But there’s good news!  Today’s animation is extraordinary and affordable.  Most themes or visual titles are designed for movement on the screen.  There is no excuse for a boring or stagnant image.  The screens should draw your focus and pique your interest at all times.  Our screens are beautiful; our designers and animators are the best in the business.


Video shoots can be more of an investment, but a good one.  Our award winning producers and directors will work with you to ideate, create, and motivate your audience.  Opportunities for re-use can help justify the expense of a shoot and we have been known to pick up shots needed by other agencies who then share the cost.  Maybe you have the footage we need and need help finding it.  We can even assist with establishing a digital library.  Asset management is part of the service we provide for everything that we produce.  You own everything.


Still photography is a less expensive way to document the meeting and send the attendees home with great memories.   Head shots and other photo opportunities are great for attendee social media and always appreciated.   We are happy to refer excellent photographers – especially in the southwest.  We are happier to make them part of our team.

Environmental and Scenic Design

Whether it’s a General Session, EXPO, Awards Ceremony, or branded environment, the first impression sets the tone for the entire experience.  It speaks to the attendee, beckoning entrance and involvement.  The quality speaks to the state of the company’s financials and the vibe reflects corporate culture.  Everything speaks.  All of these impressions are quickly absorbed in the first few minutes, and you only have one shot to get this right.

We collaborate closely with our clients, starting from rough design through finished render and on to lighting.  We consider every detail; access, egress, transitions, durability, practicality, consistency, comfort, visibility, audiology, safety, sanitation, and ultimate utilization while designing an impactful first impression that showcases the theme and supports main messaging.

Talent Negotiation and Management

We partner with the best in the business in securing and contracting celebrity entertainers for corporate events.  All expenses are considered; from travel to technical support, backstage riders, recording/streaming permissions and fees, special guests, and special requests.  Over three decades of experience in negotiations and contracts helps achieve win/win results and a great performance.

Usually, there is amazing talent to be found locally if you know where to look.  We do.

Steady Onsite Execution

The live event business is a rush.  Months of work come together for a few hours of intense execution. This is the fun part! This is also where you can incur the most cost in a short period of time.  A thorough, thoughtful onsite schedule, dock schedule, rehearsal schedule, show flow, F&B and security schedule will forecast any overtime, meal penalties, logistic challenges, or egress issues and clearly communicate needs to the whole team – venue included.  We work closely with the venue to insure smooth onsite execution.

When planned collaboratively and correctly, onsite time should occur exactly as it is scheduled.  Sometimes it does.  And sometimes it doesn’t.  Things change and schedules shift.  Everything remains fluid until it is past – that is the nature of the live environment.  It is a living, breathing animal with a life all its own.  And that animal can have a wicked sense of humor.

This is where you really need the experts, those who are able to intricately, painstakingly plan every minute of their day, and yet lift up from the details to solve challenges when the best laid plans go awry.  The ability to stay steadily focused on the live event while problem-solving and proactively avoiding a derailment is critical in every show position.  This is what the experts bring to the table: the ability to think on their feet and make the impossible, possible and the possible, seamless.  The ability to do this as a team, behind the scenes, all while the show continues to unfold without a hitch, is the differentiator.  And to do it all with a smile – that is the goal.  We have spent three decades identifying, respecting, collaborating with, testing and trusting our world-class partners.  The live environment demands “all in” discipline.  You have to be ready for anything – literally, anything.  We have had the craziest experiences, and we have some truly great stories.  Seriously.

Reach out to find out how our clients live happily ever after.


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