Event Production Services

People clapping at dinner tablesWe have vast experience in entertainment, musical and theatrical production as well as operations management.

Let us help you with the following:

Corporate Events and Business Meetings

From smaller, more intimate settings to large arenas, we can handle everything from budgeting and budget management through final execution, reconciliation and project debriefs. Creatively, we provide theme development and visualization, presentation support (written, visual and coaching), opening and closing elements and content-driven transitions to smoothly bridge from one topic to another. Environmental branding and scenic design engage the audience, support the theme, enhance the experience and pull it all together. Constant communication and collaboration keep creative grounded in messaging and current with changing business needs.

New Product Introductions

Deep production experience with pharmaceutical, medical device and technology sales launches have taught us that these launches have two primary components – education and motivation. Integrating training and certification into a comfortable and open environment and distilling complex messaging into concise bite-sized nuggets of information for easy audience digestion. We surround this with content-driven creative that reinforces and supports main messaging and drives home the information they will need to hit the ground running upon their return home.

Awards and Recognition Ceremonies

We love awards ceremonies! We love the décor, the excitement, the program and the bling. We can turn a business meeting environment into a beautiful gala in record time – and then back again for the program the following morning. Let us help you with fluid scenic and decor, awards theming, lighting and sound design, talent negotiations, awards graphics and templates, video production and stage blocking.

Political Summits and Press Events

Political summits and press events are also in our wheelhouse. These have their own sets of rules and can take on a life of their own. They require an understanding of complex dynamics as well as intense and detailed planning – anticipating the unexpected. Fluid processes and quick responses onsite keep everything rolling in a positive direction. And you never know which direction that will be.

Broadcast/Satellite Broadcast/Streaming Production

Our satellite experience includes everything from developing programming for a corporate cable channel to satellite broadcasts reaching over 100,000 people. These days, almost every event has some sort of streaming component and interaction with attendees who are not present. We work closely with our clients to pull remote audiences into the experience, and keep them there with targeted content and opportunities for engagement and contribution.

Mobile Pavilions, Permanent and Semi-Permanent Displays

Past projects include museum and display design, fabrication, fulfillment and installation. We have extensive experience producing EXPO’s – the full environment or individual displays. Familiarity with materials and their durability guides our decisions and extends the life of any environment. Our technical partners can help track visitor demographics, generate leads and monitor ROI in addition to the technical support needed within the overall and individual spaces.

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