I have been a VP of US Sales and a Global VP of Sales for over 20 years.  I have worked with Tracy Garrity and her team consistently over my 20+ years of leading sales organizations.  In fact, her work product is so exceptional, I have never held a meeting of critical importance without her.

There are countless reasons I have tremendous respect and appreciation for Tracy’s show production ability.  In an attempt to summarize I would share four major reasons for my reliance on Tracy Garrity Productions:

  • Planning- Tracy is an expert at planning events of any size.  She knows how to quickly ascertain the meeting objectives, size and scope.  She quickly sets forth a calendar of planning meetings that ensure proper preparation.  This is of greatest value in ensuring there is no last-minute scrambling or added stress on the intercompany planning team.
  • Creativity- Tracy is an extremely creative thinker when it comes to the “putting on a show”.  She has seemingly endless ideas to create a new and fresh presentation with constant focus on the meeting objectives and theme.
  • Execution- This is her greatest strength.  Once the meeting begins she is focused like a hawk on every detail.  It is amazing to watch her operate, managing every element of the production with flawless execution.  In the 20+ major meetings she has led for me, I do not ever remember a misstep.
  • Attitude- Tracy is a joy.  National and Global meetings can be very stressful.  She never lets the pressure of delivering an outstanding production impact her upbeat persona.

Tracy has my highest recommendation!

Joe DeJohn

It’s always fun and a pleasure to work with you on our National Sales Meeting! This year’s meeting is another success due to your expertise and guidance. Your friendship also helps to make the pre-planning and onsite management a fun experience. Thank you again for all that you do to make us look good!

Sue Hohmann
Bard Peripheral Vascular

Tracy, you rock! Thank you for all your efforts and assistance with our NSM. You always go above and beyond. I appreciate your efforts and your humor. Great, great meeting.

Jody Vickers
Bard Biopsy Systems

We had an excellent time working with you and are just super elated that the meeting turned out so fantastic. Thank you for your teamwork and friendship. More good things will come . . .

Deanne McLaughlin
Medtronic Diabetes

Well, you have certainly proven yourself to this team! I am so glad that I had the opportunity to work with you this year. It was an amazing experience! You went well above and beyond to make this the “Best NSM” ever.

Roch Guertin
Medtronic Diabetes

The experience of working with Tracy Garrity has been such a wonderful one.

Trust, capable, talented, detailed are all words that immediately come to mind when I think about her. She is truly one of the most professional and experienced Executive Producers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She excels working independently and collaboratively. The scale of programs we have worked as a team on spans from small scale leadership summits (for audiences of under 200) to large national meetings and product launches (for over 3000 attendees). Her preproduction management skills are beyond strong – working in a thorough and defined manner. She knows her purpose and role as a clearly defined leader from beginning to end. Tracy manages production teams effectively regardless of the event or team size. She leads with passion and expertise. Clients have full confidence in her skills and abilities and so do I.

Alison Eisenberg
Multi Image Group

When you want something done, ask Tracy. We have worked together over many years on a variety of successful projects. Being brought up together in the industry, we have a similar die hard work ethic. We have a language between us that makes it easy to work together. Plus, Tracy can always manage to find a laugh amidst stressful moments or last minute changes. I am proud to call her my colleague and my friend.

Sarah Kincaid

Tracy has over 30 years experience in event management and logistics, and she doesn’t overlook ANYthing! She has tremendous knowledge that translates into making the client shine, and she’s a joy to work with!

David Haneke
Opening Moments Media

I’ve worked with Tracy many times over the past 20+ years, and am continually in awe of her project management, client management, and creativity in action (not to mention her rolodex!). She is a talented collaborator who leads teams with profound professionalism and grace – inherently knowing how and where to place various people to get the best results.

Laurie Pasler
Blufish Productions

Tracy Garrity taught me how to look at things with a keen eye, to consider the most intricate details, and to find creative and inventive solutions (especially when they seemed impossible.) Tracy showed me how to have a great sense of humor in the face of wildly unexpected developments and how much more enjoyable work is when you have a good attitude and an open mind and heart.

Madison Hartstein
Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Tracy Garrity is the epitome of professional. I have worked with Tracy for the past 20+ years and am continuously amazed by her creativity, level of detail, organizational acumen, and communications skills.

The role of an executive producer of extremely large events is challenging, to say the least. But to watch Tracy orchestrate and collaborate with all of the many agencies, crafts, and talent that come together to deliver with the highest of quality is nothing short of amazing! I have partnered with her on numerous events and have had the opportunity to experience first-hand Tracy’s successful craft with extreme professionalism, grace, and flexibility. She leads all of her efforts with high integrity and honesty.

I am very critical and particular when I recommend or partner with other agencies. When I need theatrical, corporate, or celebrity event products, I never hesitate – I reach out to Tracy and Tracy Garrity Productions.

Sheila Steinmark
Marketing Operations Group

Tracy Garrity is a quintessential business professional that operates from both sides of her brain. She is amazingly creative and innovative while at the same time completely buttoned up on practicality and organization. Her business ethics are beyond approach. There is never a question on how your money is being spent because she is totally transparent with her budgets. She is a fun, honest and highly talented. A true seasoned pro. Once you give her and her team a try you will want Tracy Garrity Productions at the helm for all your future events.

Janet Nearhood
Small Feat Productions

As a Creative Director for over 20 years, I have learned that the greatest ideas in the world are worthless if they are not executed properly. Your execution of my creative is always detailed and flawless… and you always add something wonderful that I didn’t think of. I appreciate how brilliantly you breathe life into my visions, no matter how off-the-wall they are! You are DEFINITELY my “go to” gal for production!

Larry Hartstein
Creative Director

Finding a producer who is more involved in all aspects of a production, has more of an eye for detail and is more committed to their client’s vision then Tracy Garrity would be hard to do.
As a staging company, working for a producer who is clear on what they want, understands quality, and appreciates the value you bring to a successful production is always a pleasure.

Mark Krall, Principal
Road Dog Show Pros

Working with Tracy has always been a great experience. She is extremely creative and manages events and their budgets with precise detail and great success.

Don Garrity
Technical Management Solutions, LLC

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