Joe DeJohn – Endologix

I have been a VP of US Sales and a Global VP of Sales for over 20 years.  I have worked with Tracy Garrity and her team consistently over my 20+ years of leading sales organizations.  In fact, her work product is so exceptional, I have never held a meeting of critical importance without her.

There are countless reasons I have tremendous respect and appreciation for Tracy’s show production ability.  In an attempt to summarize I would share four major reasons for my reliance on Tracy Garrity Productions:

  • Planning- Tracy is an expert at planning events of any size.  She knows how to quickly ascertain the meeting objectives, size and scope.  She quickly sets forth a calendar of planning meetings that ensure proper preparation.  This is of greatest value in ensuring there is no last-minute scrambling or added stress on the intercompany planning team.
  • Creativity- Tracy is an extremely creative thinker when it comes to the “putting on a show”.  She has seemingly endless ideas to create a new and fresh presentation with constant focus on the meeting objectives and theme.
  • Execution- This is her greatest strength.  Once the meeting begins she is focused like a hawk on every detail.  It is amazing to watch her operate, managing every element of the production with flawless execution.  In the 20+ major meetings she has led for me, I do not ever remember a misstep.
  • Attitude- Tracy is a joy.  National and Global meetings can be very stressful.  She never lets the pressure of delivering an outstanding production impact her upbeat persona.

Tracy has my highest recommendation!

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