Sheila Steinmark – Marketing Operations Group

Tracy Garrity is the epitome of professional. I have worked with Tracy for the past 20+ years and am continuously amazed by her creativity, level of detail, organizational acumen, and communications skills.

The role of an executive producer of extremely large events is challenging, to say the least. But to watch Tracy orchestrate and collaborate with all of the many agencies, crafts, and talent that come together to deliver with the highest of quality is nothing short of amazing! I have partnered with her on numerous events and have had the opportunity to experience first-hand Tracy’s successful craft with extreme professionalism, grace, and flexibility. She leads all of her efforts with high integrity and honesty.

I am very critical and particular when I recommend or partner with other agencies. When I need theatrical, corporate, or celebrity event products, I never hesitate – I reach out to Tracy and Tracy Garrity Productions.

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